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A graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Elizabeth Oxley makes her home in the western U.S. Her poems and writing have appeared in literary journals, newspapers, and magazines.


Elizabeth counts herself lucky to have participated in poetry workshops such as Aspen Summer Words, Key West Literary Seminar, Lighthouse Writers' Workshop, and Napa Valley Writers' Conference, all of which she highly recommends to both established and aspiring writers!

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1st Place

2019 Frontier Industry Prize

2nd Place

2018 Frontier Poetry OPEN

Merit Award for Poetry

2018 Book of Kells Creative Competition

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland


2018 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize

Ruminate literary magazine

Top 10 Finalist

2018 Brittany Noakes Poetry Award

3rd Place

2015 The Poetry Society

National Poetry Competition

London, U.K.

2nd place

2015 Denver County Fair Poetry Competition

(Lighthouse Writers Workshop)

Denver, Colorado


2014 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize

Ruminate literary magazine


I still recall it: my childhood bedroom, painted tutti-frutti pink. I don't remember why I chose that color. Me—a quiet, book-loving girl—next to all of that bold, confident pink! I spent a great deal of my time separated from it, sitting inside my walk-in closet, hanging out with a stack of books and a reading lamp. I kept company with Ramona Quimby, stories like Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. 

I dreamed of becoming a writer.

I studied literature in college, but to my dismay, my path to the writing life never quite materialized. I'd almost suppressed my dream by the time I met John. 


My neighbor in a western mountain town, John was an atmospheric physicist and accomplished poet. He suggested we meet to talk about poetry. Our poetry. Where he'd gotten the idea that I actually wrote poetry, I still don't know. To me, poetry was unfamiliar—and slightly terrifying—territory.


With the date of our get-together approaching, I sat down at my kitchen table to try my hand at a poem. I felt like a fraud. Soon, something else took over. I felt myself being pulled into poetry's tide. I wrote one small poem, then several more. I couldn't get enough. It felt like poetry was calling, and I had no option but to answer. It felt a lot like love.

Since that time, I've been fortunate to make friends of other poets and to benefit from the generous instruction of several gifted workshop instructors. While I primarily write poetry, I've also turned my attention to screenplay writing and a revisited work of fiction.


It's the mystery of language I adore. If you do, too, please drop me a line below. I'd be glad to hear from you!




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